When it comes to what to serve with cheese we all head for the classics of crackers, bread and fruit, but did you know you know there’s a huge range of sweet treats cheese pairing waiting to be explored? Here’s the low down on our favourites for anyone with a sweet tooth:

Cheese and Chocolate

Never be forced to choose between cheese and choc again because this food trend lets you have both! Niki Segnit, author of The Flavour Thesaurus, says the two flavours work because of “how comparable it is to chocolate and milk (or cream) and, further, how the flavour notes in some good chocolate – spicy berry fruits, dried fruits, caramels – are natural partners for cheese”. If you need some quick convincing, grate some dark, bitter chocolate over some Mature Blue Stilton with crackers and you’ll be addicted at the first mouthful. If you’re feeling fancy, why not try making these unexpectedly delicious Port and Stilton truffles – the Stilton will leave just a hint of creamy cheese flavour.

Ginger biscuits with chilli cheese

A Clawson experiment – the humble ginger nut biscuit paired with our delicious Flaming Pepper cheese. Would it pass the taste test? The answer was a big YES! Mild and creamy Red Leicester packed with chilli’s and peppers was a fearsome match for the sweet, crunchy biscuit which leaves its own trace of heat. Very simple, but so very delicious. For a little more spice, spread a thin layer of sweet chilli jam.


So many jams to choose from, so little time. We’ll try keep it simple – classic choices like Quince paste and fig jam are a cheese pairing made in heaven. For strong blues such as Stilton and Blue Shropshire, try something tart like blueberry or blackberry jam, and for milder (but still tangy!) blue cheeses such as Smooth Blue try cherry or peach. Honey is also absolutely dreamy when paired with milder cheeses, such a White Stilton. For an easy cheesy dessert, pair one of our delicious fruit blend cheeses with jams made of the same fruit – Our favourite is Lemon Zest crumbled on a lemon curd smothered digestive biscuit.

Maple Syrup

We were a wee bit sceptical when we were introduced to the notion of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, but it really works. The sweet, stickiness of the syrup perfectly complements salt, hence it also being a perfect partner for blue cheese. If you try one new thing next time you throw a dinner party let it be this – put your Stilton on a cheeseboard and top with walnuts and dried figs and dates. Just before serving, drizzle with a good serving of pure maple syrup. Delightful.


We all love a good cheese and pineapple stick at a party, but did you know pineapple pairs beautifully with blue cheese too? The sweet, sharp, juicy tang cuts through the creamy, salty flavour of our Smooth Blue making it unbelievably moreish. If you don’t believe us, this cheese pairing has actually been proven by science. So there.


Cheese and jelly. Party food for grown ups. Similar to the jam rules, a home made fruit jelly is an amazing accompaniment to cheese and crackers. Here’s a great recipe for rhubarb jelly, perfect with stronger flavoured cheeses.

If you’re looking for drinks to serve with your cheese, check out our wine pairing guide