We are Supreme Champion Winners!

We are so proud to announce that have won Supreme Champion at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards for our Shropshire Blue Cheese. There were over 4000 entrants to the awards this year, so it’s fantastic that our blue cheese has been recognised as the best! It was their 125 year anniversary of the awards, and over 4000 cheeses were entered and judged by hundreds of judges, including retailers, specialist delis and cheese experts.

Our Shropshire Blue has a very similar recipe to our Blue Stilton, traditionally made and matured by our Master Cheesemakers, and is a full-bodied cheese with a creamy texture, rich flavour and distinctive blue veins.

These are prestigious awards and we always enter into a number of categories. This year we exhibited at the show too, for our trade customers, retailers and consumers to try our delicious cheese.

We also won a number of Golds and Silvers for our Blue Stilton, White Stilton, Rutland Red and blended cheese too, placing gold, silver or bronze in a total of 9 classes.

These awards are for everyone at Clawson and the farmer members, and credits the hard work and years of expertise that have gone into making all of our cheese the best it can be. What a fantastic return to our first show.

We won the following trophies:

Trophy Winning Cheese
Nantwich Agricultural Society 1897 Supreme Champion cheese Trophy Shropshire Blue
The Frances Pawlett Trophy Two Halves Standard Blue Stilton
The Cooper Thornhill Trophy Two Halves Mature Blue Stilton
Cathedral City Crown Stilton Trophy Whole Blue Stilton
The Long Clawson Trophy for the Champion Blue Stilton cheese Two Halves Blue Stilton
Chr Hansen Perpetual Challenge Cup Shropshire Blue
The Champion UK Trophy Shropshire Blue


And then our results in the classes:

Class Description Award
Traditional Red Leicester Cheese Silver – Rutland Red
Whole Blue Stilton Gold – Blue Stilton
Whole Blue Stilton Silver – Blue Stilton
Two Halves Standard Blue Stilton Gold – Blue Stilton
Two Halves Standard Blue Stilton Bronze – Blue Stilton
Two Halves Mature Blue Stilton Gold – Mature Blue Stilton
Two Halves Mature Blue Stilton Bronze – Mature Blue Stilton
Plain White Stilton Gold – White Stilton
Shropshire Blue Gold – Shropshire Blue
Blue Vein Cheese Gold – Shropshire Blue
Blue Vein Cheese Silver – Blue Stilton
Blended Gold – Caribbean Twist – cheddar, chilli, mango cream cheese
Blended Silver – Wensleydale with Cranberry Cream Cheese Whirl