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Long Clawson Dairy Ltd – Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

Long Clawson is a world renowned producer of quality cheeses situated in the Vale of Belvoir, in rural Leicestershire employing 424 staff. Spread over two sites, the company is a fast growing, award winning manufacturer of Stilton® and Specialty cheeses, priding itself on successfully balancing innovation with tradition. This report summarises our Gender Pay Gap, which is the difference in average earnings between men and women across all roles.

At Long Clawson, our mean gender pay gap is 7.1% and our mean bonus pay gap is 30.4%. In common with most employers with a pay gap, the main reason for this gap is the balance between men and women in senior roles, this is clearly reflected in our highest paid quartile data of Males 65% and Females 35%. To ensure that we continue to improve gender equality in our organisation, we are following some openly available recommendations from the Government Equalities Office, which include:

  • Skill-based assessment tasks in recruitment
  • Using structured interviews for recruitment and promotions
  • Showing salary ranges during recruitment
  • A transparent promotion, pay and reward processes
  • Improved workplace flexibility for men and women

We do believe however, that our true strength and commitment to gender pay is reflected in our median hourly rate of pay gap which is 1.0%. This is something we are very proud of achieving because the median salary, rather than the mean salary more accurately represents actual earnings across our business. We have achieved this figure by having robust pay rates in place that reward men and women equally for having the same skill sets and job roles. This is further reflected in our median bonus gap which is 0%.

We are proud that a core contributor to this success is the emphasis we place on teamwork and equal opportunity for all our employees. We recognise how diversity within our workforce makes a significant contribution to both our business performance and in making Long Clawson a great place to work.

Luke Goddard

Finance Director

Long Clawson Dairy Ltd