Two members of the Long Clawson Dairy staff, Chris Stacey King (Production Operative) and Keith Hunter (QA supervisor) were awarded their 25 year service certificate in November by our chairman Nick Conners. Long Clawson Dairy is grateful for their amazing work and dedication over the years.

Since 1992 there have been some noticeable changes to Long Clawson Dairy one of which happened in 1996 when the SCMA (Stilton Cheese Makers Association) succeeded in securing Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Status for Blue Stilton, this ensured that Blue Stilton can only be made in the three counties of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, where it is still made today.

As well as securing the PDO status, there have been some new products introduced over the last 25 years. One of which is our award winning Rutland Red securing over 25 awards since its launch in 2006.

Chris Stacey King Receiving the 25 year service certificate

Keith Hunter receiving the 25 year service certificate


Both Keith and Chris have seen many changes over their time at Clawson. When asked what was the most noticeable influence Clawson has had on his life Keith says “It was the realisation that every major life event I have had started because I joined the Dairy. I was introduced to a girl through a friend I met at our Harby branch in January 1994. I then brought my first house with that girl, got married and had 2 children”. In the last 25 years Keith and Chris have seen 3 factories close and multiple changes to our Long Clawson and Bottesford sites. Keith says that the thing that stands out the most for his time in the company is “I have made some life-long friends along the way and fortunately, not too many enemies!”

We hope Keith and Chris continue to enjoy working at Long Clawson Dairy for years to come!