1. Cheese – The perfect cheeseboard comprises of six to eight different cheeses, including at least one familiar cheese and a mixture of textures with¬†one or more soft and blue cheese (Long Clawson Mature Blue Stilton). You should also offer variety to accommodate all your guests by serving at least one goat’s, ewe’s and cow’s milk cheese. All British cheese, minimising food miles without compromising on quality.
  2. Biscuits, Bread & Butter – The cheese biscuit’s primary function is as a delivery vehicle for cheese. Avoid flavoured biscuits as they distract us from the main attraction. Water biscuits, baked crackers and oat biscuits are perfect, certain hard cheese may require a buttered biscuit too. Avoid bread, biscuits provided the correct service.
  3. Accompaniments – Keep it simple, celery is the ultimate palette cleanser; a necessary bust of freshness. On a British cheeseboard two things work reliably cake (Fruit cake) and chutney. With regards to chutney you don’t want anything too sweet or too punchy, two or three options is plenty.
  4. Size & Temperature – Crucial, serve your cheese at room temperature, portion size allow 30 – 40g for each person is plenty.
  5. Implements – You nee multiple knives to avoid blue/strong cheese cross-contamination. In terms of cutting etiquette don’t cut the nose off the cheese instead cut a slice along the length of the cheese, from the centre to the rind.
  6. Serving Style – Plate? Slate? Wooden Board? Wooden Boards are aesthetically pleasing and provides the perfect display for your artisan cheese and accompaniments.

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Perfect cheese platter