Keep these tips in mind when sharing a cheeseboard platter:

  • Always use a separate knife for each cheese (if they have been supplied) to avoid mixing flavours.
  • When cutting a cheese wedge, try to cut a slice along the length of the cheese, from the centre to the rind.
  • Try not to cut the point or the ‘nose’ off the cheese, which is often the ripest bit and worth sharing around!  Also, take care not to ‘mine’ into the centre of the cheese, leaving only the rind for others, particularly with Blue and Soft White cheeses.
  • Although you can eat the cheese with your fingers, always use the utensils provided to transfer the piece of cheese to your fingers rather than picking the cheese directly off the plate.
  • Remember that, in general, the rind of soft cheeses is edible, but the rind of firm cheeses is usually avoided as it can be quite dry and brittle.

Cutting cheese