Huntsman™ is a truly unique, hand crafted British cheese produced only at Long Clawson Dairy. Huntsman™ is a trademarked name and was first created in the 1960’s at the Dairy, quickly becoming a firm favourite, and is now sold in a number of countries. It is a pasteurised cow’s milk cheese made using our traditional recipe Blue Stilton and Double Gloucester, which is a mild cheese with a characteristic light orange hue given by the addition of annatto to the milk. Flavour levels depend on the age of the cheese, but the Double Gloucester used for our Huntsman™ has a firm, close texture and a clean mellow, creamy and buttery taste. This pairs perfectly with our bold and expressive tangy Blue Stilton to create a wonderful taste combination.

Rings of the traditional Double Gloucester are moulded by hand to sandwich slightly smaller rings of Stilton to give the layered effect throughout the whole wheel, which we produce in either 3 or 5 layers. This is a time consuming process but the result is an extremely striking, visual cheese which as delicious as it is beautiful.

Serving Suggestions: Huntsman™ is a great addition to a cheese board or Ploughman’s lunch. It is also delicious melted over hamburgers, grilled steak and sliced into salads. We like it best served by itself with fig paste and crusty bread as a midday snack. Store Huntsman™ in waxed paper or in an air tight container and away from other fresh foods.

Drinks Pairings: Best served with British Ales. Ideal wines are Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc.

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Watch a demonstration on our Huntsman™ is made!