Made for cheese lovers and cheese connoisseurs, the new mature yet mellow Claxstone Shropshire Blue from Long Clawson Dairy delivers a creamy texture that is rich in flavour and boasts the elegant lasting taste of a great blue veined cheese.

Made using traditional techniques, this cheese is lovingly matured to create a smooth, full-bodied cheese. It truly is the pride of Long Clawson Dairy’s master cheese makers.

Janice Breedon, Marketing Manager, comments: “This is a truly delicious British Blue cheese, which complements the Claxstone range. Each cheese is individually selected to ensure the best aroma, flavour and appearance”

To really enjoy the great taste of Claxstone Shropshire Blue try with a simple serving of fresh crackers or even on its own.

Long Clawson Dairy has launched Claxstone Shropshire Blue into Waitrose stores nationwide. It costs £1.99 for a 150g boxed wedge and will be available from late September.