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The Clawson Award Winning Platter

If you’re looking to make an impression at a dinner party, then look no further than our Award Winning Speciality Cheese Platter. Our top 5 award winning premium cheeses are brought together for you to simply unwrap and wow your guests with. The collection consists of:



Mature Blue Stilton 150g: Our famous Aged Blue Stilton is made by Master Cheesemakers who began crafting the cheese over 100 years ago. Each Stilton is individually graded and hand-selected to ensure finest quality. Awards won include – Best PDO Cheese, Stilton Cheesemakers Association Trophy

Blue Shropshire 150g: Traditionally made and lovingly matured, this mature and mellow cheese is the pride of our Master Cheesemakers. The perfect Blue Shropshire has a rich orange colour with distinctive blue veining and a golden crust. Awards won include – Best Speciality Hard Blue Cheese,  Reserve Show Champion Cheese

Aged Leicestershire Red 135g: Made using a traditional recipe, Aged Leicestershire Red is buttered, cloth-bound and matured for six months to produce a flaky, open texture cheese with a slightly sweet, caramelised flavour. It is the only pasteurised Red Leicester to be produced in the county of Leicestershire. Awards won include  – Best Traditional and Modern Regional Cheese, Best Territorial Cheese

Carnival 150g: White Stilton is joined by refreshing mango pieces and spicy crystalised ginger for a sweet flavour with a hint of heat to warm the taste buds. It is the perfect dessert cheese. Awards won include – Best Cheese with Sweet Additive

This cheese is not currently available to buy online

Did you know?

78 litres of milk are required to make one whole 8kg Blue Stilton Cheese.